• As part of the institutionalization process, we establish and implement our operating and management system in accordance with international standards. Believing that things can always be better, we measure our guest satisfaction and service quality, see our guests' complaints as an opportunity and use them to improve our service quality. We emphasize the continuity of training to sensitize our staff and ensure the continuity of the system.
  • We increase the motivation of our employees in an environment of love, respect and peace in our plant and continue our work in team spirit. We create and implement process steps to reduce occupational safety hazards and risks by further developing the control hierarchy and ensure the continuity of the occupational safety management system.
  • We make new investments by working in accordance with the country and regional policies. We consider guests' expectations in our investments, follow technology closely, develop our business and use our experience, knowledge, and skills in a constructive way.
  • With our transparent management style, we ensure that all employees, guests and stakeholders consult and participate in our system. By instilling the corporate identity in all employees, we create employees who believe in teamwork and ensure that they stay with the Group for a long time. By continuously increasing our bed capacity, we lead the industry and set an example with our pioneering efforts.
  •  We comply with hygiene regulations regarding the purchase of raw materials, storage, preparation, presentation, physical, chemical and microbiological aspects, so that our guests can be fed in a healthy way.
  • In order to prevent pollution and ensure the need for sustainable tourism, we identify our impact on the environment, control the negative effects, possible hazards and waste. We strive to minimize the consumption of natural resources, energy consumption, air, water and soil pollution.
  • Our company complies with all applicable laws, regulations, legal requirements and customer requirements in our country and fully complies with the requirements. In carrying out our activities, we take and implement the necessary measures to protect our guests and employees from possible injuries and illnesses and to create good working conditions.
  • We seek to ensure that our environmental awareness and social responsibility are embraced not only by our employees, but also by our guests, suppliers, subcontractors and authorized authorities. We contribute to the production of environmental and social projects through cooperation with local governments, suppliers and non-governmental organizations.
  • We take all necessary measures to increase local employment, protect and enrich natural life at our sites. We protect the number of living organisms by protecting biodiversity and ecosystems to mitigate and adapt to climate change. We share all activities to protect our environment with our employees and the public.
  • We contribute to tourism in the region by offering our guests historical and cultural activities in the region.